By LadyYakAlot

A chicken is for life … not just Christmas!

We went to Bury Christmas Fayre today and it was heaving despite the wind and the threat of rain. It is an annual event and brings together food, craft and normal market stalls with entertainment in the form of stages with bands, fairground rides and stalls. It was the first time I had been and it was fun, just terribly busy and that takes the shine off things a bit. Friends of ours were playing in one of the bands ‘Mid-Life Crisis’ so we enjoyed listening to them.

These chickens on one of the stalls caught my eye and they seemed to be so totally fed up with Christmas already! I wonder how many of us seem to feel like that (and it’s not even December!!)? I must confess to being in the smug zone as all my Christmas presents are bought baring any last minute items for my boys ....oh and mum's birthday (which happens to be on Boxing Day!!). I do like to get the present shopping done in November so I am free to enjoy Christmas in December. Just card writing and present wrapping to go, and that will be done during evenings in front of the TV.
As well as these sad chickens the brightly coloured metal chickens in the extra pictures caught my eye too on a grey afternoon, along with the cheeky squirrels in the Abbey Gardens. They were very tame and taking nuts out of people’s hands to then sit up in the trees almost posing for photos. There were also a couple of reindeer in the Gardens near Santa’s Grotto which were attracting a lot of attention.

We took home a few little treats from the day, but as much as I loved the chickens I decided against them!! 

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