By shropsiren


Today I left Gilgil to go and spend a few days in Nairobi with my lovely Kanyan friend Ngina. I had booked myself a nice boutique hotel for the first night and intended to spend the afternoon sitting in the sun by the swimming pool and perhaps indulge myself in a Spa treatment before Ngina came to pick me up for a night out. Alas, in typical Kenyan style my ride to Nairob which was supposed to leave Gilgil at 9am, didn't leave until gone 14.30 hours. Unfortunately due to the fact my fellow passenger was running late to catch his flight to South Africa we had to drop him off at the airport first. Consequently I didn't arrive at the hotel until gone 7pm thanks to Nairobi traffic from hell. Ngina and her husband picked me up later and took me to their local bar for a Karaoke night (I don't do Karaoke EVER!!, I've managed to get to 41 yrs young without doing it and don't intend to start now). So I watched a few others participate. It was interesting night, all part of lifes rich tapestry as they say. Had the best nights sleep I've ever had in a hotel, it was the most comfy bed/ pillows I've ever slept on!

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