A man came round earlier asked for my car keys and took my car away.
Hopefully he was from Toyota!!!
I spent the entire day tidying the living room. That's how bad it was!!
Bags of rubbish, bags of recycling, furniture dusted, moved out and hoovered behind, boxes of paperwork binned or filed, toys put back into bedrooms, cobwebs removed......
And embroidery set found.
Which I bought last Autumn!
It's a lovely design and I was full of high hopes of setting aside some time each day to get it done before Christmas.
Today I found it in a box full of junk that was obviously all shoved in there "to be sorted" during one of my previous tidying efforts!
I put it into the hoop and will be starting it.
Any day now......
AT 4.30pm the man bought my car back. With new tyres and spectacularly clean!!
Back to school for the Little Misses and to Bicester for Fat Club. Half a pound off which isn't great but could be worse!

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