Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Dinosaur with candles

Oh, all right then. We're back in Blip of Desperation land, on a day when it remained gloomy throughout and when my two outings were to the supermarket (too fed up with wrinkled aubergines to remember to take a photo) and to the church to rehearse for Evensong (too busy/scared of the MD to deviate from singing). But actually, this is a photo I've been thinking of taking/blipping for the past few days, because of the juxtaposition of dinosaur (a left-over from birthday celebrations with my grandsons) and candles. Especially in Advent - the extreme left-hand candle is designated as this year's Advent candle.

So there you are. A sermon in the offing? Dinosaur looks at candles of Advent, waiting in the darkness for illumination.

Quite apt these days, really.

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