Eat, smoke, love, meow.

By Meowsers


This is an old photo of Jess's cat Luna, taken last month at Jess's birthday party. I couldn't think of anything to photograph today and i'm in a melancholy mood so I figured i'd just use this. Hmm.

Haven't done anything today, planning green for Tuesday for seeing Bethan, that should be nice. I'm a little nervous, but that's alright. I'm really tired, though I slept till 2.30. I feel sick in my head again and it makes me sad.

I miss so many things. It's making me feel strange inside and it's upsetting. I will see Bethan on tuesday, get high, and let her fall asleep in a heap next to me, probably out in the rain because this weather's so unpredictable, I can't wait to escape. I'll call up tomorrow and sort it.


Hey I heard you are a wild one.

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