Flower Friday

This is a bouquet of flowers which I bought for my Editor for her recent birthday (she's 2 days older than me, a fact that I don't generally let her forget on the day between our birthdays...I wouldn't stoop to tease her on her birthday itself, of course...but she's asked me to point out that I have many more grey hairs than she has!).

The way I took the photo may be of interest. The flowers were in our front room, and I noticed that the street-light across the road was shining in through the window onto the flowers. So I thought I'd experiment with a very long exposure using only the illumination from the street-light; if you look at the metadata you'll see that it's a 5-minute exposure. It seems to have produced a rather unusual sort of effect (it's also turned my black background to brown but I thought that didn't matter).

With grateful thanks to BikerBear for continuing to look after Flower Friday at this sad and difficult time in her life, with all good wishes to her.

(It seems an interesting day regarding the future of blip - I do hope it does work out in the end!)

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