Derelict Sunday - West Wing (that was!)

School buildings in our locality seem to be falling victim to the demolition crew rather frequently, and this is the third demolition I've blipped. And I've had connections with all three schools.

The first was Linden School, blipped on 25th June 2015. That school had been attended for a year at primary level by a very close friend who was actually Best Man at our wedding.

The second was St Bartholomew's School, blipped on 15 Nov 2015. All three of our sons had their primary education there (so did I, but in an even older building on the same site).

This third one is the school which all of our lads attended for their secondary education - we had at least one son there from 1995 to 2011. At that time it was called "Longbenton Community College" (now "Longbenton High School"). It did have its faults (which school doesn't?) but our lads did well there, and the active drama group certainly helped Son#3 to develop his thespian tendencies - which could be helpful as he's currently hoping to become a barrister. What you see in the photo is the demolition of the West Wing of the school (the East Wing has altready disappeared). In spite of having happy memories for us, but the building was getting rather derelict even before the bulldozers moved in - and happily there is a spanking new building now next door (when Son#1 started there in 1995 we were led to expect the new building during his time there...!).

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