MonoMonday: Fantasy Oliphaunt (Lord of the Rings)

si_b would like us to use the themes "Science Fiction" or "Fantasy" fior today'sMM, at the start of a month of "The Big Screen".

This is an Oliphaunt (or "Mûmakil") - large battle beasts used by the Haradrim. It's a Games Workshop model painted some years ago by Son #2: my Editor not only had the idea but also knew exactly where to find it in the attic. The complete model stands about 9" high.

If you'd like a quick look at the Oliphaunts in action, then click here for a Youtube clip. They're scary!

(PS Thanks so much to everyone who starred and/or hearted my woodpecker blip yesterday, taking it to Page 2 of popular - much appreciated!)

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