Distortion: Light at the End the Tunnel

Thank you to everyone for your comments following my 'Commended' certificate yesterday.

Today, I had to take my Mini in to get the tyres checked as it was showing up a warning light. It has run flat tyres which I am finding jolly useful as the car can still be driven during this time.  Turned out one tyre had a nail through it - fortunately one of the back tyres as these were due for replacement any way.  I needed to get to Waddesdon for the staff Christmas lunch so arranged to bring the car back later in the afternoon for its new 'shoes'.

Whist waiting for the tyres to be checked I wandered down to the railway line to get a distortion image of the rails disappearing off into the distance.  This part of the track is not busy but I did look carefully up and down the track before placing myself and the camera right where a train would travel.  So there is Light at the end of the Tunnel which isn't a train coming in the opposite direction!!

The Waddesdon meal was excellent and I sat with a friend so we had a good catch up on life and the universe. Off to a Messiah rehearsal soon - this is an 'open' rehearsal when anyone can come and see how they get on.  If they're good they won't be allowed to leave without signing up!

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