By Travelingkiwi

A little

Chaffinch had found his way into the house no surprise there we have had a few birds in, I just got the blips up to date and heard a lot of fluttering around the window, this fellow like to tease Sam, anyway catching him was easy, taking a photo was a different story transfer bird to left hand pick up camera and aim not that easy, put camera down and slipped it onto auto take aim bird squirming got the shot and he escaped from my grip, now fluttering again against the glass  door gave him self a headache, managed to get hold of him quickly took him out side and he just sat on in my palm, were the camera in the house of course, next think he was off in a flash but back again soon teasing sam .

Flat out in the garden since we have been home its a jungle out there try and catch up with you all tonight.

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