Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Second chances

Mid-week already and we had interesting weather. It was overcast, and clouds always make for interesting lighting, in fact, for some reason, the sun seemed to shine especially on Karama (where I live) for a lot of the day. (OK, it's the bit I could see from my window!)

Had to call into a phone shop as Gs new phone is playing up. We ended up at this restaurant (Taste Kitchen) having dinner and this was it - broccoli and chicken chorizo pizza. Broccoli on a pizza - there you go. It was actually very tasty.

The reason for my title is because we went to another branch of the same restaurant a couple of months ago, and the food was so awful, we didn't ever want to try them again. Their "buy one get one free" pizza offer really worked for them today. And us. Just goes to reiterate you need to always be prepared to give things a second chance.

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