Top of the tweets

Regular readers of my journal often see evidence to confirm that I am 'rent-a-crowd' when it comes to partying. What may not be quite so well known is that I am also an enthusiastic conference tweeter.

I really enjoy tweeting at conferences, and find it quite an easy task too. I think this is because I am someone who is more suited to handling textual than visual information (which, incidentally, is something that I mentioned  at the very start of my blip career - see the last line on my profile page). My blip is a visualisation of the tweeting activity at a conference. The size of pictures show who were the most active individuals during the day: me and my pal M.

Anyway, today I travelled back and forth to London, where I tweeted the Connected Nation conference at the British Library. The only downside of the day is that I have caught a nasty cold. I hope it's one of my 24-hour sneeze-fests and that I will be back on form tomorrow.

Exercise today: a tiny amount of walking (3,387 steps).

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