By pensionspoet

Those gorgeous vintage baubles! What else?!

The day after, and we all slept until first thought as I looked at the clock was 'oh no, I'm missing The Archers'....

We left mum & dad's last night at 10.00pm and Jon drove through the dismal weather arriving home at 12.25am. Coming home via A11 very late at night shaved 20 minute off the journey, and we drove through the centre of Norwich with ease. It was still quite lively though - which is more than could be said for me at that late hour!

Once up, I drove into Cromer for a bit of shopping. The afternoon was a mish mash of jobs, then the ritual of all 5 of us sitting down to Mollie's favourite Christmas film 'Elf'. I completed my final bit of decorating; my old glass baubles on a branch which Jon cut from a tree in the lane outside. I then spent a bit of time going through the many photos taken yesterday. I'll upload a few to Facebook later.

It's lovely having Dan home, even though he doesn't have a bed now, let alone a room of his own, he seems understanding. We will spend Christmas thinking more about how to resolve this one of our many problems. I'm sure we'll get there.

A roast dinner, Strictly results, yet more Christmas cards written and now I think I'll have a bath. One more week of school and people can start to relax.

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