Too big to be a Guinea Pig

Is's an early blip today thanks to Gollum. This puppy is very naughty. He keeps jumping into the Guinea Pig cage as soon as he gets a chance. 

He did it the first time this weekend and now he knows how easy it is and does it several times every day.

At first the Guinea Pigs got frightened when he came flying. Now they just seem to think 'Oh there is the dog visiting again'. Thank Godness Hero has taught the Guinea Pigs not to fear dogs otherwise this would be very stressful for them. They have to run, when he comes jumping in though, so he doesn't land on them.

We have now set in with some serious 'No visiting the Guinea Pigs in their home training'. So far Gollum has not been too impressed with my efforts.

And he just knocked over my cup of coffee... Sigh - I better just go to work!

See you tomorrow
Emmy and the Hazyland Boys

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