Daddy's Girl

Today has been mixed. As ever at Centerparcs! 
The good bits are great and the bad bits are teeth grindingly, pillow punchingly awful!
Let's concentrate on the good!
The Little Misses got up early and got themselves breakfast of crumpets and Nutella. If only I could trust them to make tea!!
We had a few games of Yam! which involved whoops of delight, scowls of disgust, sulking, bad sportsmanship, cheating, gloating and sore losing. Just an average game with the Little Misses!!
Then we got on our bikes (and some of us ignored our sore bottoms!) and headed off down to the pool. There were less near misses today - Miss E and Miss L are honing their road bike skills!
We had a fun few hours in the pool - jumping the waves, riding the rapids, drinking tea, being splashed by waterfalls from pirate ships, making friends and playing water tag.
There was a bit of sulkiness and demandingness from Miss E but generally we had fun. And my chai latte was scrummy!
Unfortunately Miss E started to feel unwell with stomach pains. Accompanied by agonised screaming and contorting and an inability to stand up. Awful.
I wanted Mr K to take her to the doctors but he carried her back to the house while Miss L and I cycled back and - apart from one vomit stop - she seemed much better. And perked up completely once we'd got back and started playing Yam! again.
Hopefully her blood test results will shed some light on what's going on. Although that obviously terrifies me too.
We had an early dinner, a few more games of Yam! which descended into exhausted chaos and acrimony! Then it was to bed with them.
And I've spent the evening being force fed peanut M&Ms.
And I'm forcing Mr K to watch The Holiday. Which, as Christmas Rom-Coms go, is right up there!!

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