By Veronica

Fleur de sel

Yup, another desperate indoor blip! A small glass pot that holds fleur de sel. I chose this over a blip of Mystère because it's Tiny Tuesday and I hadn't taken any photos till I started randomly snapping at the dinner table.  
I know the EXIF data suggests I used a wide-angle lens, but the only way you can do halfway decent macros with the Sony is by opening it as wide as it will go and getting it as close as you can get to the subject while still being able to focus. In those conditions it works quite well.

Today a former client called in a panic and  asked me to do something I was totally unqualified to do. I collected brownie points by solving the problem while having no idea what caused it. When in doubt, reboot the server.  Unfortunately she probably now thinks I can solve many other problems on a system I know nothing about ...

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