But, then again . . . . .

By TrikinDave


Meet Billy - well, what else would you call a puffin, even if isn't a real one and is out of place in/on a bird table.

We encountered this fellow in Dobbies' where we met a couple of herself's friends of long standing for coffee and buns. They're the sort of friends that we are delighted to meet for a chat and end up saying, quite sincerely, that we must do it again soon and not wait another three years.

It was at this eatery that a friend lost his false teeth: he sat down to eat his scone and, took them out wrapping them in a paper napkin. He remembered where he'd left them when he arrived home and phoned up to ask if he could have them back, please. Unfortunately, they must have been scooped into a rubbish bag and put in a waste disposal unit where they were ground into a powder - which is what happens to rubbish there.

My condition has been improving over the last few days so, for the second time, I made the mistake of only taking my sticks. Walking around the garden centre turned out to be agonising and I needed to sit down for a long time to recover as soon as we arrived back home.

In the evening, I met with a friend to go to a beekeeping themed quiz night. Armed with the Zimmer, it was a pleasant evening of catching up with old friends and meeting new ones. In spite of the two of us being teamed with four novices (might recognise a bee if they saw one), we did quite well, there were only a handful of points out of 50 separating all six teams. I was a bit peeved not to recognise a picture of horse chestnut candles, I can only imagine now that it was not up to blip standards as a photograph. Having had such a tree at my previous apiary which the bees worked vigorously, I know it well - and would also have been able to answer the rider; two points went begging and, in such a tight competition, they would have been valuable.

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