I have been very moved in the last few weeks whilst watching our local news to hear about Heidi Loughlin the young mother who delayed having treatment for breast cancer when she realised she was pregnant.

Her baby, Ally Louise, was born by C-section 8 days ago, at 28 weeks, weighing 2lbs 5oz, but sadly died yesterday, and although I don’t know Heidi, I felt so sad when I heard this news last night. 

Our prayers go out to Heidi, her partner, Keith and her two young sons, Noah and Tait not only for comfort in their loss but also for the success of the treatment that Heidi will have in the next few weeks and months.

This candle holder, given to me by our older son and daughter-in-law a few years ago says:

Mothers are special 
and so kind
Touching lives 
with tenderness,
warmth and love

I pray that the love that this young mother had for her daughter and family will sustain her through the coming days.

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