Special Pots

Miss L made this little pot when she was in nursery and it's another of my treasures that comes out at this time of year. Along with Miss E's candle holder
Today has been so busy. I'm exhausted!!
Mr K took the Little Misses out for Miss E's swimming first thing. By his own admission he's an idiot as he AGAIN forgot the swimming bag! This time - as they've spent the best part of the last week in a swimming pool and have two pairs of goggles each - he decided to skip the swimming and head straight for Looby Lu's for breakfast. The Little Misses weren't complaining!!
After lunch we went to Stowe to meet Mrs C and the boys. As ever Miss E and Mr L were delighted to see each other and immediately settled into each other's company. They're so at ease, contented and happy - it's a pleasure to see!
As the cafe was closing early we headed straight in for tea, cake and hot chocolate. Then there was the obligatory browse in the shop to spend the pocket money burning a hole in their pockets.
Miss E made me very proud - she came up and said she wanted to buy Mr L a ball he wanted with her marble money. She said his Mummy had said he didn't have any money to spend and she really wanted to buy it for him as a present. So sweet!
We had a lovely walk down into the gardens and let them have half an hour climbing into tree stumps, jumping off temples and scrabbling around in the undergrowth!
Then we walked back up in the disappearing light. We got to the car park just before it was properly dark. 
We had gone over in separate cars so that Mr K could take the Little Misses home and I could head over to Milton Keynes to finish my Christmas shopping.
Ugghh. What a terrible idea!!
M&S, Next, Primark, H&M, New Look, Asda, Boots and total exhaustion!!!
But I'm pretty much done and I did have to laugh at my stress in New Look trying to buy clothes for a teenage girl. It was like a flash forward to my life in six or seven years!! I had to resort to texting photos for approval. And I got a gift receipt!
I was dead on my feet when I got home. A cup of tea, porridge and the Strictly final and I was done!

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