Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Stories in Glass

This is not the blip I wanted to do today. I wanted to show you a very strong man carrying a window airconditioner carefully placed on his shoulder but my picture was blurry, so as we stopped for lunch at Wafi, I took the opportunity to show off this pyramid roof.

Wafi is one of our older (21 years) Malls and was built with a decidedly Egyptian theme that runs through the entire development. Ultra luxurious and almost on our doorstep, its one we visit reguarly to EAT at (not shop).

A favourite hang out for many an expat who lives/works in Dubai... (also mainly to eat or visit Cleopatra's Spa; not necessarily to shop!)

I want to thank you for the stars and aprecious for my first ever Favourite yesterday! Never expected that. Made my day. :))

PS. Forgot to mention, got Electricity account in my name today, and should get power supply back on tomorrow. On our way... though with significantly less enthusiasm after yesterday's news.

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