Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Almost there

Morning! I got home so late last night, I didn't even do my blip, so here I am on Friday morning!!

What a day. It was so busy, I didn't even have a chance to register the date! I hope my American friends had a happy 4th of July! Needless to say, I spent it trying to get as many canvasses ready for hanging up in the evening as possible. The printers are really flaking now!! Got to them for 11am to pick up 21 large canvasses plus a few other sizes and none were ready to go as they had run out of . . . bubble wrap!!! OK, there wasn't enough to wrap them all. Think I managed to go away with 6. (I was trying to take the help of office assistants with trolleys when delivering.)

Went back at 4:30 and this time they were all ready but 3 were done the wrong size. Too big! Delivered those only to go straight back to collect some more as well as the carpenter. Ali started work at 7 and tonight, he was on fire!!! He hung up 36 canvasses in 5 1/2 hours!! He just went non-stop, interrupted occasionally by phone calls from home (he is trying to get back to Pakistan asap to sort out a personal problem). I had to leave him to it to go back to the shop yet again at 10:45 to collect the 3 that they had printed the wrong size. (I love shops keeping mall times!!)

We hung mainly large 70x100cm pictures tonight - 24 of them, 6 of them mine! I have never seen my pictures so large. Very thrilling! We worked on all three levels. This bouquet of flowers was on the 19th floor. It looked like someone had a birthday and left them behind. Anyway, the yellow and white flowers really caught my eye - especially the roses. I thought the orchid was unique colour and looking at it closer, it almost looks like a bug!

I need to catch up on some more sleep, but I can actually enjoy a work-free weekend, so will get to you SOON! :)

Thank you again to some of my blip buddies who partnered with me on this - Cycling Granny, rachelwhynot, 55Daisies, JazzyB and my faithful friend Jellyfox - your pictures look great up on the wall and people love them!

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