Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Best work

I hope this will be the last one of these I blip as I feel I may be boring people!

This was my offering for the largest boardroom in the company. It is the one that may host budget meetings etc. The wall that these pictures hang on is over 8 metres long! I am so pleased I chose 15 for this room as it works really well, and the images themselves are really neat. Only 3 are mine this time (top row 2nd and 4th; bottom row 5th). All the others, bar one (the bird was shot by a member of staff) are stock images.

This is the wall that was completed in darkness - so I was able to take this blip last Thursday. The carpenter saw it again and was amazed at how straight everything was!!

A slightly less hectic day; pleased I was able to do some "normal" things! I even put on a DVD but worked whilst watching it.

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