Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Busy day...

Gosh; can I remember all the places I've been to today?!

The day started off quite relaxed; no-one to meet at 9am! Settled up with previous landlord and handed back keys so I wont be getting any more calls from their legal department! Then met up with G briefly with a snack. Out again to get a part of the undercarriage of her car fixed back on (it fell off yesterday!) Back again to pick G for lunch which was at one of our fav malls - Lamcy.

Not sure how many of you are familiar with this Japanese store, but G needed to visit it to get stuff for the shop. It is almost like a pound shop and has anything and everything! You can see a bit of their Barbie section on the right. I blipped it because a. I stopped for 5 mins whilst G shopped, and b. it is a very very interesting place!

I then went to new flat to check whether the electricity had been switched back on. It hadn't which meant it was like being in a sauna for the 45mins we were there. Man from telco visited but he couldn't do much as there was no power supply... hmmm...

Dropped G back to work and then went to... IKEA... to return wardrobe fittings and get the right size. Back again to collect G and again and stopped at the car wash as the car REALLY needed a clean on the inside. Then again to new flat to see if electricity had been switched on. This time it had! Yipee!! RESULT! We are definitely on our way now. I reckon a couple more days except it is now the weekend (Friday tomorrow) and workmen dont work so they will come Saturday to finish things.

As we had had enough, we decided to do something completely normal and went to watch Ice Age 4! Brilliant. I stayed awake through it all even!

Finally back to friends place (having had to stop off to get a few essential items - like cereal) and got on my laptop to check emails straight away. Now doing my blip and falling asleep over my computer! No wonder I'm tired... I've gone non-stop all day!! The high humidity really is draining.

That's my day. Anyone wanna trade? Hope yours has been better paced.

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