It has rained for most of the day.  No wonder places are flooded.  The North East isn't nearly as bad as Cumbria or Yorkshire though.  I do feel sorry for the people who are suffering at the moment with flooded homes and businesses.

It wasn't really the weather to go out but there was a match on so at 4pm I went to catch the bus.  Took my blip shot at the bus stop. 

Kick off was at 5.30pm but as the buses were few and far between I decided to make an early start.  Newcastle was still busy with shoppers when I arrived. 

So to the match - Newcastle V Everton.  Newcastle had chances which they didn't take.  It got to the 90th minute and the score was 0 - 0.  I would have been OK with that.  However in the dying seconds of extra time Everton scored.  Disaster. Thousands of disappointed Newcastle fans made their feelings clear before leaving to make their way home.

The Boxing Day buses stopped running early but the bus company put on a few extra late ones for the benefit of football fans.  However I wasn't confident enough to rely on this service and I didn't want to spend my time at the match worrying whether I could get home so I booked a taxi.  I booked it to pick me up in an area a bit away from the football ground where the roads would be less busy and I had plenty of time to walk there.  Got picked up around 10 past 8. 

On the way home we stopped off at Neil's work to pick him up as he finished his shift at 8.05pm. There were no buses running  for him to catch.  Dropped him off in the village where he was meeting friends and then I carried on home.

I had a meal and settled down to watch the Agatha Christie story on BBC1 - " And Then There Were None ".  I saw this performed at the Theatre Royal in Newcastle earlier this year so I was interested to see how it was going to be portrayed on TV.  The cast is a good one and the first part was OK.

Its nearly midnight and Neil isn't home yet but he has a day off tomorrow so he might as well have a late night.

Steps today - 9,364

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