Mono Monday - Speech

Still suffering - but have felt slightly better today with more of an appetite ( for unhealthy things unfortunately.  Weigh in tomorrow is going to be a bad experience)

I had enough energy to do yesterdays washing up and I put a load of washing on.  The weather today has been very cold and very windy.  I only popped outdoors to put the bird food out and that was enough for me.

I have also wrapped around 50 Christmas presents for Becky and Mike who will arrive on Friday.

One of the presents has provided my blip shot.  Its a hessian cushion made in Northumbria.  It shows the Geordie word HYEM which means HOME.  I thought it would be a good gift for Becky and Mike who will hopefully move into their new home in Sussex soon.

I was going to blip this cushion anyway but then I noticed that the Mono Monday challenge today is " Speech " so I took my photo in mono. Thanks to FlyingPRGal for hosting the challenge.

Neil was supposed to play rugby this afternoon but as he broke his toe last weekend - playing rugby - he decided to give it a miss.  He did go to watch the game though. 

Newcastle United were playing at home this evening.  Normally I would have gone to the match but I didn't really feel up to it today. Neil sorted out a " live streaming " on my computer so I watched it online.  Neil went to the pub to see it. Newcastle lost 1 - 0.  A very poor show. 

Steps today - 4,198

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