Early start this morning as Slimming World weigh in was at 9.30am.  I put on 1½  pounds - quite happy with this considering all the unhealthy food I have eaten in the last few days.  No meeting today - just weigh and go.  I did a bit of shopping in Tesco and Greggs before coming home.

I bought this stottie in Greggs.   A stottie cake or stotty is a type of bread that originated in the North East of England. It is a flat and round loaf usually 12 inches in diameter with an indent in the middle produced by the baker.  Elsewhere in the world, bread considered similar to the stottie is known as Oven Bottom Bread.  Stotties tend to be eaten split and filled. The most common filling is ham and pease pudding. The heavy texture of the bread gives it its name. To 'stott ' is Geordie meaning 'to bounce' because if dropped it would (in theory) bounce. I filled this stottie with grilled smoked bacon and slices of Gouda cheese for Neil's lunch. 

Neil went to work today.  His shift was due to start at 2pm but he got called in earlier as someone was " off sick". He will finish late tonight and start early in the morning so he will go back to his own flat tonight so he will be handy for work tomorrow.  Its been lovely having him here even if it was only for a few days.

The weather today was cold but there was no wind and it was very sunny. 

Steps today  - 7.897

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