Its HIS fault we lost

It snowed through the night.  Not a great deal but enough to make the paths icy and a bit tricky for walking when I went out this afternoon to The Co-op.  When Becky and Mike come on Friday we will be having what they call a " Fake Christmas Dinner "  - chicken with all the trimmings. We do this every year.  So I wanted to get a chicken today.  One year I left it till the last minute and there were no chickens left so I had to ask Becky to stop off on the journey here and try and get one.

The Co-op had chickens.  However they were all the same size - medium- ish.  I had wanted an Extra Large one -  but we can always fill up on pigs in blankets etc so it will be OK.  I also needed spinach ( Becky puts it in her smoothies ) but the Co-op had none.  So that's on my list for tomorrow.

I did some ironing this afternoon as well as present wrapping.  Neil was at work today but it wasn't a late finish and he was home by 5.30pm. There were lots of customers today and the system kept " going down " so he's had a stressful time.

Just had time for a quick chat with Neil before I had to go and catch the bus to town - off to the match.

Newcastle were playing Manchester City who are top of The Premiership. They are in a different class to Newcastle. They have quality ( expensive ) players while Newcastle do not. In the first half Newcastle never got a look in - it was all Man City.  Newcastle just defended like mad and therefore were unable to try and get a goal themselves. Man City scored after 31 mins.  In the second half Newcastle were a bit better and even had a few chances to score.  But in the end the final score was Newcastle 0  Man City 1.  Even though we lost it wasn't as bad as I expected as I imagined that Man City would score 3 or 4 goals against us.

I was taking a photo of the Newcastle team huddle just before kick off when Raheem Sterling the Manchester City Number 7 wandered in and spoilt things.  And he was the goalscorer today too - seems as though he makes a habit of spoiling things at St James Park.

I was freezing cold at the match even though I was well wrapped up. Then I had a very long wait for the bus as they were only running a half hourly service.  I was glad to get home to "defrost ".

Steps today - 13,680

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