I seem to have been busy all day but still have loads to do.  I have tidied, washed, hoovered, shopped, tidied some more and cooked a meal for Neil ( more duck ).  Neil  has just got in from work at 10.45pm.  Rather late to be eating duck - but he's hungry.

Becky and Mike arrive tomorrow around lunchtime.  Well that's the plan.  According to weather reports they will be travelling through bad weather - snow is forecast  - so their journey may be slow and tedious.

I took this photo of a collared dove on my bird feeder  this afternoon.  Then I idly checked what the Abstract Thursday theme was - and realised I might be able to fit my photo to the theme.  The theme is " New Beginnings".  And the white dove is a symbol of  Love, Hope and New Beginnings. OK - its not a white dove - but its the next best thing.  ( I did a bit of processing in Picasa ) Thanks to Ingeborg for hosting the challenge.

Steps today - 9,142

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