Neil was up and out early this morning to go to work - he left before 7am.  I was fast asleep and didn't hear him go.  He had a 12 hour shift ahead of him.  He left his dirty clothes here ( all washed now ) as well as some food/drinks in the fridge, his laptop and his Christmas gifts. Says he's going to pop up on Sunday to collect everything.

I had half a thought to go to The Sales today but in the end I just stayed at home.  I have been sleeping on the sofa bed downstairs while Neil was here so I reinstated that back into a sofa and sorted out my bed upstairs.  I quite enjoyed sleeping downstairs and the sofa bed was comfy.

While I was making the bed upstairs Tino " helped " and when I had finished he decided to settle down for a nap.  So he was an easy blip shot for today.

Steps today - 5,408

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