Tiny Tuesday .....

Week 31: Aphid.

I was all set to use either of my extra pictures (well, the squirrel picture at least)  today as my Tiny Tuesday selection until R came and told me about this super tiny aphid. To put it into perspective the flower itself is about the size of a penny making the aphid the size of a pinhead. 

Scary thing happened today ..... As I was sitting in the sun room taking squirrel pictures the Cooper's Hawk that I have been seeing swooped down almost in front of me and into a small bush that we have against the back of the house.  Immediately all the small birds and squirrels disappeared! It was amazing how fast everything was just gone! 

I quickly grabbed my camera and went out to scare the hawk away.  He/she was still in the bush but didn't have any prey.  He/she flew out and away before I could get a picture.  And thankfully he/she didn't take any of my birds or squirrels with him/her.  I realize that they have to eat too but not on my watch!!!

BTW: My second extra is an American Crow.  I have enhanced the photo with a chiaroscuro effect in Topaz Impression.

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