My Year in Pictures

By jenny

Staff ...

... you just can't get them can you.

The humans can't spell and the dogs refused to look at the camera!

Though after 1967 consecutive daily blips I am somewhat used to it!

Especially as Mr B has appeared in 21 blips, Miss B in 30, Sizzles in 40, the star of the show Bill in 363 and invariably things go a bit wrong!

So entering into the spirit of the challenge, after nearly 5 and a half years of daily blipping what does this place mean to me?

Well apart from something very special that I can't quite imagine being without should the crowdfunding campaign to save it not be successful, it's* ...

Part of my daily life - it's like brushing my teeth - something I just "do" each day.
Something my family and friends enjoy looking at and keeping up to date with all my goings on.
Led to a complete change in my career - one which I still have to pinch myself has happened!
Provided a wonderful way of looking back at all my memories - both online and in the book I do each year.
Recorded everyone growing up - not just Miss B above but also our nieces and nephews - and special birthdays (40th #1, 40th #2, 70th #1 and 70th #2)
Captured some of the highs and some of the lows of my life.
And led to some fabulous friendships with people all round the world - virtual or in the "real world".

So have I pledged**?

I sure have.

And I'm keeping everything crossed that this place is still here and thrives throughout 2016!

* Not an exhaustive list - just a few key highlights and all my rather tired head can cope with after a fab evening with the B's last night!!
** Even if you're not on blip but enjoy looking at my blips each day please pledge too!  Every little helps!

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