A perfect start to 2016

Happy New Year blippers!

I'm late posting this, so I won't faff around adding blip text. You know I enjoy and appreciate the blipfoto website and community. More than appreciate it, I love what I've saved of my life over more than 7 years of blipping.

I've recorded the highs, low, mundane, momentous and significant moments of my life. Blip is part of the fabric of my life, and quite honestly, I haven't even allowed myself to think about what it would mean if blip ceases to exist.

Sure, I have all my images, but not what I've written, and of course I'd lose the context a website gives. I'd also lose the memories you record, along with your insights, and the comments you leave.

May we still be here better, stronger and continuing the journey this time next year.

1 Jan dawned perfect. Coolness was soon replaced by 29 degrees. We headed through to Lake Coleridge, an easy 1 hour drive from Cass. Those fly rods we decided to leave behind would have been great to target the fish we watch sunning themselves on the waters edge.

This was our play lunch spot at the bottom of the lake. Further along a family came down from the station that borders this part of the lake, but other than that, we had the place to ourselves.

A few rainbows, a fat brown hen, and a salmon came home. We released just as many back to the lake to do their fishy thing. One rainbow I caught was the strangest colour and pattern. In the water the dark upper looked blotchy and more like a brown, her side colours were more like spawning colours but it's the wrong time of year for that.

A day fishing on a boat, plus travel always tuckers me out. As we returned to Cass we could see a southerly had flicked up the coast. The wind reached us but not the cloud. I can't remember being in a southerly breeze and it's 29 degrees! Such is the high country in summer.

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