Fly fishing at Lake Grassmere

It's amazing how many stupid drivers I encountered on a 1.5 hour drive from home to Cass.

I watched heart in throat as a bloke over took 3 cars on a blind bend. Then there were the 2 slow and erratic drivers (wandering over the road, vastly changing speed, and inattention). One braked on a hair pin bend when there was no need to, and nearly caused a 4 car pile up.

For the record, both slow and erratic drivers were kiwis, as was the over taker. A slow car driven by Asians also pulled out from the Castle Rock reserve right in front of a line of traffic.

I was glad to arrive at Cass, unwind over lunch and head down to Lakes Grassmere and Sarah for an afternoon of fly fishing. Surprisingly at 2pm in 30 degree heat and bright sunshine, there were rises.

My fly fishing skills are improving but the one 3.5 pound jack rainbow that left Grassmere wasn't on my line.

Cass is very quiet. The neighbours have headed to Castle Hill for the night, Barry the permanent resident is home, along with a couple of woofers doing some work for him, and the Van Hooten family who are working on their bach.

Looks like I'll have the perfect quiet New Year, dead to the world and well rested :-)

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