Hovering overhead

Spent this morning in a relaxed mode. Did the Tuesday Guardian cryptic online with breakfast; except for two clues. Then finished the third in Pratchett's Guards triilogy. After lunch we loaded the car and headed back to the city.

Minding the lads this evening. As we had to feed them (and us), S decided it would be better to go to Mission Bay, and have fish and chips by the sea. Unfortunately, the clouds became thicker and the wind felt like it was coming all the way from the Antarctic. Fortunately, the fish and chips was top quality, the boys tolerated the cold well, and were entertained by the scavenging gulls.

They quickly identified Mr H as the weak link, and soon had him throwing them pieces of batter, small pieces of fish, some chips, and even holding a chip for the cheekiest gull to take from his upheld hand.

Mostly they used the strength of the wind and the expenditure of only a little energy to hover almost directly above us. This tarapunga (Red-billed gull) was seemingly content to hover, and rarely darted off when the others did.

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