For some reason I was wide awake last night - probably too much coffee - so was fiddling around doing some work on my computer.

Eventually at about 1.30 I decided I had better go up to bed, but thought sleep would probably elude me because not only was the rain hammering down but I could hear the gentle rhythm of snoring from a certain Mr. HCB!

I tend to look out of the window in our spare room before I go into our bedroom - and sometimes if the snoring gets too loud, climb into that bed!  I was interested to see the state of the road outside because of the heavy rain - and as I looked out, did think of all those in the north of England who were probably doing the same thing.  I only had my phone with me, so went back downstairs and got my camera and then decided that the raindrops on the window and the lights outside would make a good abstract for today’s challenge.

Apart from which, it felt as if my brain was a little like all these lines and squiggles - there is so much going on with Blip and other things in my life that it’s hardly surprising it feels like this.

We have 4 days left to raise another £80,000 - or Blip will be no more.  Would we cope without it?  Of course, we would - but would we be happy with that outcome?  I'm not so sure!  Blip has become a way of life for so many of us - we have met so many friends, both virtual and real and yes, much like coffee, it has become an addiction and even one that makes us think about photographs and words for our journal in the middle of the night!!

A use has been found 
     for everything 
          but snoring. 
Mark Twain

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