A Meandering Life...

By Skeena

Abstract Thursday 28 :: Colouring Pencils

Not just any old colouring pencils but the ones that got me my garden design (mid-life crisis) degree back in 2008. 

Whilst everyone else were using CAD & PhotoShop to create their masterplans (we had to redesign a whole public park in Bexhill) I took to chunky colouring pencils for kids. As you can see green was used a lot. 

Didn't go too badly with the examiners considering I came top of the year.

This is my effort for Abstract Thursday as I like the way the tinfoil is distorting the reflection of these neat little soldiers.

In other news today I spent 5 hours putting my photo club's permanent exhibition up at the local village hall. We now have 48 images on display. 

If anyone wishes to join me in doing a Mono Month Challenge (MMC) during February please feel free to join in. Last year I used a tag of MMC but I may use MMC16 to separate this years efforts. 

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