By Missycat

Abstract Thursday 28 Changeable weather

Today began with  rain which became at times torrential.  Nevertheless, our brave builders came to work and managed to get a considerable amount done in between the downpours.  They are doing so well that some of the glass will be fitted next week!
After a day of rain alternating with almost clear blue sky, the weather finally decided to settle for dry and clear - bringing with it a drop in temperature: no bad thing I think, given how strangely warm the winter has been so far.
 I decided to use the raindrops on the windows to create an abstract for today, but later on I took a few more shots of the early evening sky.  After fiddling around in PS and Picasa I've decided on the clear sky as my main abstract and the rainy window as an extra.
After such a busy day I'm posting late (what's new?) and will try to browse the other AT images tomorrow.

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