Learning day by day

By EmmaF

Girly Day in London

The second part of Carys's Christmas present from N&P was a Youth 'Nutcracker' Workshop with the English National Ballet at the Coliseum. So for the second Saturday in a row we were on an 8am train to London. A quick coffee and toilet stop and we were all set, but Mummy wasn't allowed to watch . :-(   Carys went off quite happily after giving me a huge hug and telling me she loved me. So what should I do with my 90mins as most of London doesn't open until after 10am? Well luckily the weather was lovely and I had my proper camera to play with. So I went for a walk...

90mins later I collected a very hungry, very chatty little girl. She talked me through the workshop step by step and said she would do a similar thing again (which is lucky, as unbeknown to her she has a Swan Lake workshop in the summer. Shh!)

She chose Wagamama over my choice of the BFI as somewhere to eat, but that was fine by me. We then headed towards St. Paul's on the bus and onward by foot to The Museum of London. Specifically we went to see anything about Vikings, but got waylaid in the Romans, which made me happy as that is my period of archaeology and were both absorbed in the exhibition about the London 2012 Cauldron.

When we got home we found out that Will had been good for Daddy, had been really good at his violin lesson and generally had a good day. They had tea in front of Ninja Warrior UK, then Will gagged and threw up his entire stomach contents. It is such a long time since he has done this it took us by surprise but luckily he managed to fit it all into a bowl!

Will was quick to bed after that. I am hoping it was a reflux type episode rather than a bug. Carys watched another episode of The Hunt before bed. She isn't right either. She came home on Thursday from school with a couple of red blotches under her right eye. Friday the right side of her face was swollen and she was off colour enough not to go to Brownies. This morning it had all calmed down slightly, but her eyes are still slightly puffy. I had planned to go swimming with them tomorrow, but I have re-evaluated that bearing in mind I don't know what is wrong with Carys. Tomorrow will be a lazy day bar homework.

I have used the extra photos today for what I think is the first time. Goes against the grain as I believe that one of the things that sets Blip apart from other photo sharing sites is the one a day mentality, but today I have caved.

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