I am happy

Today we were able to get our hands on the deeds to the house we have bought. I really wanted them as they are original and dating back to 1860 but they were under threat of being destroyed.

The house was not on the land registry as it has never been sold outside the original family, so when we purchased it we had to send the deeds to the government body that deals with making electronic copies and updating their data base. The original deeds are then normally destroyed, I really didn't want this to happen as I think they are a great peace of history.

We had to get our solicitors to make sure they informed land registry we required their return and supply a recorded return delivery envelope. After many, many weeks of not knowing their whereabouts I called our solicitors and in some confusion they said we would be unlikely to get them. There was also some questioning whether the house was getting on the land registry at all but today all is clear and I'm so happy we've got the house's original history documented.

Also in amongst all this documentation were the death certificates of everyone who has lived and died at the house. We may have a few ghosts....lets hope they are friendly.

I think we may have paid too much for it ;)

Mr Bo Hingles

P.s. Did I mention I was happy

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