Think Success , Think Ahead .

This is Ordsall Hall in Salford . It took awhile to do as I'd to find the images,  blip my laptop screen and then put them ( not bad considering ) in my laptop. Here's the result and you may wonder what a Grade 1 listed building has to do with Blip. Quite a lot as this wonderful piece of architecture would have been lost had a councillor had his way it would  have been trashed.
Fortunately there was a vote and majoritysupport.  
It had a future & £6.5million restoration. Today those who run it  are volunteers and they do a great job with wonderful ideas .They raise money from a shop. We can do like wise. TShirts , lapel pins , mugs , shopping bags , All make excellent presents and spread the name Blipfuture .
 I've just spoken to a gentleman who works as a volunteer at the hall .Needed facts straight and ask you to look at the roof here .Special slates and as we are aware no roof repair comes cheap. On a Grade 1 building there are huge costs . They asked people to donate £10 a slate . It worked .They run a cafe .Not possible for us but a good excuse to have a get togethers with home  made cakes etc  and coffee afternoons .Recruitment maybe .Proceeds Blipfuture and a chance  for  wonderful shots . In the hall they have a shop , cafe & bric a brac basket . I will clear my cellar for a mini sale .Tricky, as garage sales are not allowed in Germany .Nobody said Living Room Sales are banned. .On that wonderful four poster bed you can have a memorial name embroidered on a pillow .An idea I thought was superb back then.OK maybe not for us. The main part of this blip is to illustrate how we as a community can self fund  after the hard work of negotiations has been done .People throughout the country and abroad are doing such.It makes sense , is fun and feeds the funds . Inertia + negativity are deadly and the biggest enemy of success .There is always a future . Ordsall Hall is proof . You can still pledge and think ahead .

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