I see you see me see you

This cheeky chappie was one of several from our population of wild parakeets who spent much of today outside my bedroom window in the bare trees nibbling on some kind of seed pod (see extra).  While the others were content to dine and chat, this fellow was particularly agitated for some reason and kept flying around, flapping and squawking directly at us (Harry, Elizabeth and me) watching at the window but I couldn't understand what he was trying to say and all the photos of him flapping about were out of focus. It was only when he perched on the branch closest to the fire escape and sat staring intently at me from about eight, maybe ten feet away, I finally got this in focus head shot as a compromise. He repeated his bizarre behaviour several times and I am none the wiser about his intentions, although I'm wondering if he wanted to drink from the water bowl that I keep on the fire escape but wouldn't come closer with us there so was trying to scare us away. 

No school for me today - no teaching due to end of semester finals.  Hurrah! Melancholy moments abound as I still try to process the loss of two English iconic performers this week - I find I am especially upset about Alan Rickman which is daft, I know, but oh, that voice

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