Wash Day

Hello Blipfriends!  
Dolly here again today!  

I knew it had to happen!  Mum said it was time that my cuddly warm Christmas jumper had to go in the wash!  Actually, it's not the first time - but I've grown to love my jumper so much I can't bear to have it taken off and thrown into that large and noisy machine!  I had to follow mum into the utility room just to make sure she wasn't actually getting rid of it!  She wrapped me up nice and warm in a blanket while it was in the wash and then left to dry on the radiator.

Thankfully it was done in time for us to go on another sunset walk. I wore both my jumper AND a coat!  I was still cold and told Mum maybe we shouldn't walk so far when it's so cold. She said sorry. And I survived. It WAS pretty!  (See Extra photo)

While we were out we met 2 collies and their owners - these were RESCUE dogs and even had their own Jeep with an important looking sign on the side. Mum talked to their mum and dad quite a while and we learned lots of interesting things about the important work they do. I told Mum that I'm a bit like a rescue dog too since I did rescue her. She said it's not quite the same thing but she's still very grateful for all I do!  

Mum was feeling MUCH better today - she got lots done AND we got plenty of cuddly time in both the conservatory and later by the fire.

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