A different perspective

I didn't need to sit next to Mom in church this morning as she wasn't there. She seems to have got into the habit of not wanting to get up in the morning, saying her back is hurting. And Dad can't seem to do anything about it.  Consequently, neither of them had a breakfast...  It seems to be getting more chaotic and random.

Anyway, that meant I could sit in a different place and see things from a different perspective.  That meant that I spent a lot of time looking through the white bars and gold circles of the altar rail supports in the St Katharine's chapel at the candle holder and candles behind.  I rather liked all the shapes being created.

On another note, Mom did a bit more knitting this afternoon but is finding it difficult to keep the tension under control.  I think we need to try a few squares!  We've reached the shaping on the hat so I think I will have to finish that off.

I am attempting to do the Year in Photographs course on Facebook that quite a few blippers are doing so I have spent a lot of time playing with White on White and Black on Black.  Yes, Kathy Chantler, this is me speaking, playing with camera settings!  Blowing my mind a bit but I have learnt something:  that I am easily confused by numbers and that I need to spend more time playing with camera settings.  I will put my black on black ones on as extras - first one is totally on auto so is very grey, second one is me attempting to get blackness!  Any advice gratefully received.

I'm working on the Dickens challenge for February!  Excited about that!

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