An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Freeze Dried Heart...

Poured milk into my cereal this morning and this little heart floated to the surface :-)))

Up at 6am again in readiness for the painter coming to paint the ensuite.  Unfortunately it wasn't till I was downstairs that I noticed a message on the answerphone from yesterday evening saying it would be tomorrow morning before he could come!  Oh well, at least it got me up, dressed and ready for the day!  :D

Tesco delivery arrived sharp and it was all away, washing on, kitchen tidied and Alan's brunch prepared by 10am.  I think someone has stolen me and replaced me with a cyborg!   

It's weird, but I actually feel better for getting up earlier.  I think after getting up at 6am from the age of 18 for work and continuing to do so till Alan left school in 2014, it is my natural circadian rhythm and I should maybe stick with it.  Difficult on cold, dark, winter mornings when I don't actually have to be up at that time, but I think I'll give it a go.  Not on the weekend obvs!  :D

A very nice man called Graham from the company who will be fitting our new kitchen visited this afternoon to measure up the utility room and see how feasible it is to recycle come of the units and the granite from the current kitchen.  I think the units will be fine but it just depends on whether the granite will survive being removed, re-cut and refitted.  Fingers crossed it will work.

David's out tonight so I have the tv buttons to myself.  Woo hoo :D

Do yourself a favour and watch THIS.   I guarantee you will watch it more than once.  It is the sweetest thing I think I've ever seen!  :D

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