Wool carder bee

Well, I hope I have this chap correctly identified this time (thank you Cabbagetree).  Last time I blipped one I thought it was a wasp.  

Today has been one of those stupidly busy ones, where I was doing stuff all day but at the end of it I'm not sure I achieved much.  The most I managed to squish in photography wise was a quick visit this evening to my lavender patch.  But I was pretty happy to catch this one in flight.

At least my new washing machine is installed and on its 3rd load of washing.  It was about 10 millimeters too wide to fit into the gap the old one was in - so I had to completely rearrange the laundry.  No problem to do but it  meant a constant backwards and forwards shuffling of appliances.

At one point I left it half done to head into work for an hour - four hours later I left work and came home and finished the juggling.  I got plenty done at work too, but at this time of year, as we head towards school reopening, the jobs pile up pretty rapidly.

Never mind, a relaxed day tomorrow as I have Aragon69 and Kiwilizzie arriving in an hour or two to stay for the night, and I've left most of tomorrow free to catch up with them.  So my first appointment isn't until 4!

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