An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Rock n Roses...

You'd think after yesterday's birthday lie in I would have been up with the Larks this morning but nope, it was 10.30 before I dragged myself into the shower.

David was working from home this morning and took me out for a a belated birthday lunch.  We were supposed to be going to a restaurant in the town but due to running late (as usual) we popped into the Golf Club instead, to be met with a large group of ladies-of-a-certain-age playing Bridge.  After an hour they were served tea, sandwiches and cakes.  It all looked very civilised. 

 David suggested in future if I'm at a loose end on a Friday afternoon I could perhaps pop over and join them.   I thought this an excellent idea (!) but only if they played Gin Rummy and served Tanqueray and spicy nibbles instead :-))

After lunch I came home to make Empire Biscuits to take to tomorrow evening's Burns Supper but instead sat down on the sofa and promptly dozed off!  David went to visit a school in Dunfermline that has a swimming pool to look at their hoisting system for getting people with disabilities safely in and out of the pool.  We have to decide pretty soon what kind of system we want for Alan's pool so hopefully this will help inform that decision.

Have a great weekeend peeps, hope to catch up later between making Empire biscuits and watching the new Jimmy Nesbitt drama that starts at 9pm :-))

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