Daisy Weevil

It was pouring with rain when I left for my walk so I ended up in the Bittern Hide as I thought I might. All was dark when I entered. I opened a couple of flaps and had it to myself for a while.

A pair of mallards were the first birds I saw. The male was bobbing his head up and down and I suspected that they were about to mate. I got pics of him treading her, not very carefully.

Then a pair of ring-necked parakeets flew in. I have seen these birds in Epping but they have only just arrived in the Lee Valley Park. People in the suburbs are not keen on them as they're quite noisy and tend to intimidate garden birds. Having owned a much-loved cockatiel I have great respect for the parrot family and was delighted to see these colourful birds struggling against the wind in the willow tree. (Extras)

A man, who I now know is Dave, pointed out my first clear sighting of a water rail this winter. I talked birds with him and another guy who I have met here before.

When I got home and sat down at the laptop I noticed a tiny weevil on my rough pad. Maybe I brought it in on my clothes? I haven't tried to identify it as it's very difficult without a food plant as a pointer. It was lovely to be able to shoot a bug for a change. :) 



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