Little Canons Cottage Garden Blossom

I had a short walk along Epping Long Green this afternoon. I was very upset to see piles of fly tipped rubbish. It was the same in Laundry Lane, a single track that I'd never driven before, yesterday. It wasn't only builders' waste but domestic stuff and toys. It makes me so wild. :(

A froth of blossom in the distance caught my eye. Not sure what it is but the flowering cherry is out at ours. It's in the garden of Little Canons farm cottages. The Long Green is on the Rye Hill ridge and my pic shows the three chimneys of the Hoddesdon Rye House power station in the Lee Valley in the distance. When I first came to the area there were three cooling towers in their place. MrQ remembers looking down into them whilst flying over with a fellow nurseryman in his Auster. 

The verdigris dome of Haileybury College, an independent school where Clement Attlee, Alan Ayckbourn and Rex Whistler were educated, can be seen top left. My 400mm lens has a foreshortening effect.      

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