Dozy Dove

JL had Internet issues so I couldn't collect my computer as planned, which rather messed up the day. I caught sight of Jack heron through the hedge round the back of the island in the lake. I scrambled down the ditch and wriggled up the bank on my tummy to get a shot of him. I was very pleased with Jazzy dog as she sat patiently on our side of the hedge waiting for me to return.

The collared dove in my pic seems rather dozy. It has been hanging around in number two glasshouse with the wrens and sat on the dislodged top brick of the chimney looking down at Jazzy and me for ages. 

Today's poem is These Are The Clouds by WB Yeats

Yeats wrote it for his friend and patron Lady Gregory, during her illness in 1909, intending to cheer her up. Strange way of going about it. :) 

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