For when one cheese just won't cut it

I'm going to start by throwing out a number and you can think about that for a moment. The number is 7,452

So. Today I'm on the last leg of the job which needs to be completed by tomorrow. There is a vague feeling of unease because I'm not familiar with being this far ahead on a piece of work. As you'll note from the image I broke out for a bit to grab some shopping; bread and milk and some fresh rosemary to go on the root veg which I'll be roasting a little later. The rosemary was grown in Israel. In the extras you'll see what made front page news in our weekly newspaper - yes, it's weekly and this was still the main story. Given that it's advertising the competition I don't think I'd be stocking it if I was Mr Tesco!

On the subject of the image. I love this bread as it meets one of my criteria for a nice meal; cheese. And not just one cheese or even two but a full three cheeses! Were I involved with their marketing team I'd be using something like "Nothing pleases as much as three cheeses!" as a tag line. I bet you are all surprised that I've not spent years working as an advertising exec? This bread is lovely with a bit of crispy smoked back and a cup of builder's.

Shall I come back to that number now? 

It's the distance, in miles, between the UK and Chile. The flight time from Santiago to London is about 15 hours; a round trip from London to New York and back. I know that I've done food miles to death but cherries from Chile? We grow cherries here - I don't just mean in the UK but in the fields around where I live. We're well used to the idea that they are available at a certain time of the year but so that they are in stock in January they are being carted a ridiculous distance. I'm happy to accept that Tesco might be swallowing the cost of air freighting them but it seems unlikely. I'd guess that shoppers are paying this cost and not just those who buy the cherries - it wouldn't work that way. It's bonkers innit!

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